Team Rates

Effective August 27th:

At It’s All In The Game we go out of our way to welcome Team Organizations! Whether you are a Little League, a School Team or a private Club Team and whether you represent a local group or are from out of town, we want you to feel welcome here. And, because we recognize different organizations need different services and you may also choose to vary your work out plan, we offer multiple programs for Team Organizations to consider. You are free to choose what program and price structure works best for you based upon the services you desire and your booking schedule.

Simple, flat rate use:

$10 base rate per participant for 1 hour with It’s All In The Game allocating one cage per 5 team members.  Thus, with 10 team members, you’d have the use of 2 cages, with 15, you’d have 3 cages for the hour.  You can have all hitting cages, or 2 for hitting and one for throwing or live toss – whatever set up you request.  If one hour isn’t long enough for you, you can also extend your per visit charge by ½ hour or a full additional hour. 

1 hour = $10 per participant
1 ½ hours = $13 per participant
2 hours = $15 per participant  

Simple, percentage discount offering:

(encouraged for smaller groups or most non-machine service packages)

In addition to the flat rates, we also offer Team Organizations a 10% discount off of our current published rates for single bookings. 

Frequent user, bookings rebate:

(Available on flat rate or percentage program use)

Because we appreciate your frequency and your loyalty, too, with your facility use of 4 times within a 6 month period, we give you a 5th visit FREE!

Review the Teams FLYER for specifics.

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