AZ Black Sox Club Teams

It’s All In The Game (IAITG) is determined to become the premier baseball and softball training facility in the West Valley. This will be accomplished by striving for excellence in all aspects of the company which will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Private lessons and instruction
  • Camps and clinics
  • Special events related to baseball and softball
  • Ancillary and related services

A major component and initial goal includes the formation of competitive baseball teams, ages 9 thru 14.  These teams will train under the supervision of a professional coaching staff led by a core group of coaches schooled in the philosophy, fundamentals and training techniques of the Kansas City Royals organization. The goal will be to maximize the playing potential and skills of each individual, resulting in better and consistent baseball players. These teams are called the AZ Black Sox.

Each team is formed by age group with the limit of 15 per team. The team operates around a schedule of playing three tournaments every two months and practicing twice a week. These practices are to be indoors or outdoors directed by their head coach. IAITG has employed a field coordinator to verify the quality and consistency of these practices and reports back to the Director of Baseball Operations.

Teams operate on a year round basis with annual tryouts. Recruiting into open spots take place on a regular basis. At no time should a team fall below a roster of 12.

Practices are mandatory and the head coach will be responsible for the integrity of the team roster on a weekly basis. The roster will be generated and initiated by the membership desk so the head coach is aware at all times as to the financial status of his players. The head coach will be empowered to speak with the parents about any issues regarding financial matters. At the head coaches option he may also refer issues to the membership desk or the Director of Baseball Operations. The head coach and his assistant will also submit their personal time keeping along with their roster each week. Time keeping is to be turned into Baseball Operations Administrator.

For more information please contact Carlos Reyes our Director of Baseball Operations:


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